Noob Vs pro 1

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Noob and Pro went a long way to find mysterious diamond apples, but Hacker steals them! ▼▼▼

You have to get them back! But how? Ask God about it! Help him and he will help you!

▼ Story mode - single player
▼ PvP mode for 2 players on one device - play with friends
▼ A lot of genres in one game
▼ Interesting story with Noob in the lead role
▼ Funny humour and jokes
▼ Fight zombies, drive car, kill boss and destroy Hacker!

You will play as Pro and Noob.

It's a great adventure - time to try it is now! :)


Use the Arrow keys \ WASD to control the game.
If you are playing from a phone, just tap the buttons on the screen


Action Adventure


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